This was certainly an interesting weekend. We found out that our Wilson Home (rehearsal space) was double-booked, leaving us without a place to rehearse. This is just one of the many challenges of sharing a rehearsal space. So we were forced to come up with an alternate location, and chose my new apartment. We chose my place because of its central location and the lack of furniture, which leaves lots of room to move around.

At this rehearsal, we started blocking pages 41-48, which involves a big fight between my mother and me. Our fight choreographer is not scheduled to start until next month, so we skipped that part.

I must say, the rehearsal was more challenging than I thought it would be. We started in the middle of a difficult and emotional scene where I stand up to my mother. This scene hits very close to home for me; it could have been pulled directly from my as-yet-unwritten memoir. The challenging part was tapping into Jamie’s emotions during the scene, which brought me to a very unhappy time in my life.  I got through the rehearsal fine, but later that night as I was home alone, I just unloaded. I have been trying to erase these bad memories for a long time, and now here I am digging them up. So I spent my night writing about myself and Jamie, which ended around sunrise Sunday morning.

All of that after working on 8 pages of the script. Strap yourselves in; this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Until next time, have beautiful day!

  1. jukk888 says:

    Just remember that achieving the most difficult goals is very rewarding.

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