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Chicago stage credits include work with Ulysses Theatre, Bailiwick, and Timeline Theatre. Favorite roles include Mitchell Garabedian, in Sin: A Cardinal Deposed (original Chicago and Boston casts); Judas in Corpus Christi (Jeff Citation & After Dark Award: Ensemble); Frank O’Hara in the premiere of Too Live As Variously As Possible; and Felix Turner in The Normal Heart (After Dark Award: Performance). He appeared in the short film Telling Dad and directed the premiere of Katrina: State of Emergency. Patrick was a co-founding member of Ulysses Theatre Company and is the Managing Director of Strawdog Theatre Company.

Full Birth Name: Patrick James Rybarczyk (confirmation name: Michael)

Hometown: Toledo, OH

Age you became interested in theatre: 17, Senior year of high school (if you don’t count those awesome grade school plays)

Favorite show you worked on: Corpus Christi

Most memorable moment while working on a show: The standing ovation that we got on opening night of The Normal Heart from a group of older gay men, who thanked us after the show for telling their story.

Mentors or inspirations: My friend, Sean Hayes

On a show day, how early do you arrive at the theatre: Call time

Dressing room must-have: Starbucks coffee

A show and role you would like to do: “Man in Chair” (aka the Narrator) in The Drowsy Chaperone

If you were in NY for 4 hours what show would you see: Once

Favorite food: mashed potatoes

If you could meet a Broadway legend, living or dead, who would you meet: Elaine Stritch – you know she has some great stories

Worst costume: Probably some bad tights while doing Shakespeare

First stage kiss: senior year of college during The Playboy of the Western World (yes, I was the Playboy)

One lesson you have learned while working in the theatre: Even more than ever, to trust my gut on and off stage

Most unplanned moment or funniest unscripted moment that happened to you while onstage: During The Music Man, end of act one we’re all singing The Wells Fargo Wagon, and a loud “whoosh” happens. It turns out that someone accidentally opened the fire door at the top of stage. Did I mention it was raining outside? Let’s just say we had REAL trouble in River City. Thank goodness it was almost intermission.

Pre-show ritual:  No rituals for me. I sort of just change things up show to show.

One piece of advice for those who are aspiring to work in the theatre: If you love it, stick with it.


Here are a few photos from our rehearsal last night. Check back tomorrow for a special video our cast put together for Global Bullying Prevention Day. Until then, have a Beautiful day!

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Cast members and the director of Beautiful Thing attend the world premiere opening of the Jeff-recommended At The Flash now playing through through December 16 at Center on Halsted’s Hoover-Leppen Theatre. The winner of Pride Films and Plays 2012 Great Gay Play and Musical Contest, this remarkable one-man show was written by Sean Chandler and David Leeper, directed by David Zak, and stars David Leeper. For ticket info, CLICK HERE.

Left to right : Charlie Wein, Michelle McKenzie-Voigt, Director John Nasca, Robert Hilliard and Patrick Rybarczyk.

Until next time, have a Beautiful day!

Happy opening from the cast and crew of Beautiful Thing!

The cast and crew of Beautiful Thing take a stand against bullying and show their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth.  For more information on GLAAD, click on the image below.

On Broadway, there is the tradition of shows that are currently in production sending “Happy Opening Night!” letters to a show when it opens. This tradition has not yet made its way to Chicago; there are anywhere from 5-10 shows opening each week and sending a letter to each one would be time-consuming and costly.  Nevertheless, I’m hoping to help establish that tradition here.  I have decided to send out two “Happy Opening Night!” letters a week from now until Beautiful Thing opens in January.  These shows will be picked at random, unless someone within our production would like us to send one to a particular show.  

Up first is Kinky Boots, which opens today.  We all signed the letter at our rehearsal last night and I both faxed and sent the hard copy via snail mail to the theater.  But may I say here as well, happy opening from the cast and crew of Beautiful Thing! 

(**I must apologize to my castmate Patrick Rybarczyk, who did not get a chance to sign the letter.  We were supposed to do this at our rehearsal on Saturday, but I forgot.)

Until next time, have a beautiful day!

Nothing will make your heart jump out of your chest faster than being told you need to lose weight for a role.  Some actors might be outraged when told this, but the costumes, wigs, and makeup can only take you so far.

However, actors are also often asked on an audition form if they are willing to cut/color their hair, and, if cast, they are requested not to materially change their appearance without prior approval from the director.  Sometimes this is also included in a contract.  So fill out those audition forms carefully and read the entire contract before you sign.

At the first rehearsal of Beautiful Thing, our director John Nasca addressed all of the actors regarding their physical appearance.  (This is the moment you try to remember what you agreed to on the audition form!)  John asked Patrick (Tony) and Kiah (Leah) to grow out their hair.  Kiah was actually relieved that she didn’t need to cut her hair; at first she thought he asked her to cut it, which made her clasp onto her hair for dear life.  Charlie (Ste) was asked to bulk up a little bit, which he seemed totally cool with.  We also talked a little bit about how Charlie and I should have our hair cut, but nothing final was decided.  And that was it; nothing for Michelle (Sandra) or me (Jamie), aside from the hair.


After losing 30LBS

Nevertheless, after seeing the publicity photos, I realized how much weight I have put on in the recent months and it made me slightly ill.  About a year ago, I lost 30lbs; it took approximately 12 weeks and I looked and felt great.  I maintained it for months, until I fell off the wagon hard and ran for comfort food. After having a conversation with my director and getting his approval, I have decided to jump back into my workout regimen and drop a few pounds before opening. The director just asked that I proceed with caution and not lose too much weight.  I should point out that I am doing this not only for the show, but primarily for my health, as my body and mind function so much better when I work out.  So starting Monday, I hop back on the workout regimen that helped me lose 30 pounds a year ago.

P.S. This is not going to turn into a fitness/workout blog. However, I will keep you posted on my progress.

On another note, one of our actors has been nominated for an Emmy Award.  Check back tomorrow to find out who it is and what they have been nominated for.  Until then, have a beautiful day!

Last night we gathered for our first table read of the script.  We started the rehearsal by introducing ourselves, followed by a welcome speech by our director John Nasca.

After the table read, our dialect coach Jeremiah Davis gave us notes and helpful tips for taking on a South London accent, as well as a very helpful handout he had prepared.  I must say, Jeremiah really knows this dialect; he gave the cast some great notes and pointers.  We all are very excited to have Jeremiah working with us!

We had our first rehearsal at WTTW studios.

Kiah Kiah McKirnan (Leah), Charlie Wein (Ste), Robert Hilliard (Jamie), Michelle McKenzie-Voigt (Sandra), Patrick Rybarczyk (Tony) and dialect coach Jeremiah Davis. Photo by Tiffany Nasca, our Assistant Director.

Charlie Wein (Ste), Robert Hilliard (Jamie)

Patrick Rybarczyk (Tony) and dialect coach Jeremiah Davis.

Kiah Kiah McKirnan (Leah), Charlie Wein (Ste)

The best line of the night comes from John Nasca: “Put your diphthong away.”

I have some exciting news about an upcoming promotional event, but I can’t tell you until tomorrow. Until then, have a beautiful day!

Jamie – Robert Hilliard

Sandra – Michelle McKenzie-Voigt

Leah – Kiah McKirnan

Tony – Patrick Rybarczyk

Ste – Charlie Wein

Come round tomorrow for more updates. Until then, have a beautiful day.