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We have postcards!!! Well, we don’t have postcards yet, but they were ordered over the weekend. I just got my hands on the digital copy of the postcard designed by Tiffany Nasca; they’re pretty awesome!

Postcard – Front

Postcard – Back


Until next time, have a beautiful day!

Yesterday they released our poster to the public!  Looks great, right?!  Ever wonder what goes into creating a show poster?  It’s far more than simply shooting a photo and slapping some text on it.  Here are just a few of the many steps we took.

Our Director John Nasca and Graphic Designer Tiffany Nasca knew they wanted to use actors for the poster design, so John picked a date for the shoot and checked the availability of the actors.

Once all the actors were confirmed, we reached out to various photographers.  The photographer we picked is actually a good friend of mine from high school. 

Next, we needed to find a location for our photo shoot.  The play takes place at a South London apartment complex, and most of the show is set outside.  After many calls to various possible locations, we decided to do the photo shoot at our rehearsal space.

It’s always better to have more pictures than you think you need, just to avoid having to do a second shoot, so we did some shots inside and outside.  For the exterior shots, we found a great spot directly behind a nearby convenience store, and that’s the shot that was chosen for the poster.

Now that the image had been chosen, Tiffany went to work creating the poster.  Countless hours went into creating different drafts, changing the location of the logo and information text, etc.  Once the design was finalized, it was sent to our resident proofreader, Michelle McKenzie-Voigt.  I cannot stress enough the importance of having your poster proofread; it will save you the heartache of having a mistake sent to the printer.  No matter how many pairs of of eyes have looked at it, you’d be amazed at what a proofreader will find!

The end result is this, our poster.  I left out a few things – I can’t give it all away – but you get the basic idea of what went into designing it.

Shout-out to Jeff Bolek, our amazing photographer; Tiffany Nasca, our brilliant graphic designer; Michelle McKenzie-Voigt, our meticulous proofreader; Charlie Wein, for keeping me warm outside; and our awesome director John Nasca and producer Kelli Walker.

Our poster: it’s a beautiful thing!

Until next time, have a beautiful day!